Explore Tenant Contents Insurance

Whether you’re renting your first home or you’re a seasoned tenant, making sure you have adequate tenants’ insurance is an essential part of the rental process.

Here at Bode Insurance Solutions, we feel passionately about tenants having adequate insurance. That’s why our range of policies are designed specifically for you. Not only do we cover your contents and personal belongings, we cover your best interests too, with our tenant liability cover as a standard addition to any policy.

What’s included in the Tenant Insurance?

Our simple, effective and affordable insurance policies for tenants include Contents Cover and Tenant Liability Insurance, which provides adequate cover if you accidentally damage your landlord’s property. Neglecting Tenant Liability cover could leave you personally responsible for paying the repairs to items such as: furniture, fittings and fixtures, should an accident happen.

Meanwhile, our specialist Contents Cover gives you peace of mind that, should your personal possessions be lost, stolen or damaged, you’ll be able to cover the cost of repairing or replacing them.

Your Contents Insurance for Tenants covers:

Personal items

Including clothing and jewellery

Soft furnishings

Including bedding, curtains and cushions

Electrical items

Including TVs, games consoles, mobile phones and speakers

Personal furniture

Such as beds, sofas and tables

Your Tenants Liability Insurance covers:

Accidental damage

To your landlord’s furniture, fixtures and fittings if you are liable under the terms of your tenancy agreement

Ensure your belongings are covered today...